Common Flooring Questions

Common Flooring Questions

For more than 50 years, the experts at Value Discount Flooring have been serving customers throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. It’s safe to say that during that time we have assisted many customers and answered a lot of questions about our favorite topic – flooring. Whether you are wondering about the benefits of a particular type of floor or wondering which option would be best for your room, our design consultants are only a phone call away.

Here are a few of the most common questions we get here at Value Discount Flooring.

Are hardwoods too fancy for my family home?

Hardwood flooring is not necessarily fancy, but more classic. We’ve seen these floors flourish in expensive homes as well as in a busy family home. That’s the beauty of choosing this flooring option – it can look great in any environment and is durable enough to take the traffic in your house.

Don’t hardwood floors need a lot of maintenance?

No! Hardwood flooring isn’t high maintenance at all, but you may need to refinish it if there is significant damage. Fortunately, refinishing hardwood floors is not as expensive as you may think and the results are incredible for years to come. 

Should I be leary of installing carpet?

Some customers are worried about installing carpeting. They wonder if it will show dirt easily or require a lot of care. We happen to love carpet, if it’s in the right room. Learn more about our feelings on carpet from this post

Vinyl or laminate seems like less expensive options, but will they look cheap?

We get this question a lot, and we understand why. Even just ten years ago, the vinyl and laminate flooring options available were nowhere near the beauty offered today. Clients love our vinyl and laminate flooring options not only because there are fun colors and patterns, but also because they don’t look cheap at all. In fact, some vinyl and laminate floors look quite expensive. You have to see it to believe it – or hear about it from our design consultants.

Where do I start when choosing my floors?

We have lots of inspirational posts in our blog archive that could help you get started on your next project. Or, you can give our team a call and talk about your project budget and room goals. We are happy to give you guidance as you begin your decision-making process!

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