Your Plan for Protecting Your Hardwood Floors This Winter

Your hardwood floors are a beautiful enhancement to your home’s décor. However, these floors can show signs of heavy traffic and you may be stumped on how to protect them during the especially tricky winter season. Between salt and melting snow, scratchy boot treads and more traffic from holiday visitors, your hardwood floors can take a beating. This season, protect your investment with a few of our tips.

Beware Water Damage

Living in the Midwest means snow and ice are par for the course in the winter time. Unfortunately, you can find your hardwood flooring inundated with puddles of water dragged in on the bottoms of boots though your door. In order to protect the integrity of your hardwood floors, wipe up any water as you see it. Keep your foyer or mud room as the place where family members (and any visitors) take off their boots immediately; this can prevent the spread of rogue melting puddles on the hardwood floors throughout your home as well. Consider purchasing a boot tray where shoes can go upon arrival, and dump any melting snow or dirt out the front door daily.

Quick Clean Up Is Key

Beyond water issues, the winter can also bring in extra irritants that can scratch your floors. Salt, dirt, and other debris can damage hardwoods quickly. To protect your flooring from these culprits, be sure to clean up any offenders as soon as possible. A quick sweep is a wonderful option to maintaining the beauty of your floors; keep a broom and dustpan handy so that you aren’t tempted to push the quick clean up to later in the week.

Cover It Up

Finally, consider upping your rug game during this busy season. Purchasing a lovely rug is a wonderful way to protect and accent your hardwood investment, and can keep the extra holiday visitor traffic from damaging your floors.

Refinishing Makes a Difference

If your floors are looking a bit dull, or if you want to schedule a time to make your floors look like new before the holidays, give us a call! We love working with hardwood floors and have the experience in installing and refinishing hardwood floors throughout the Illinois and Wisconsin area.

Give us a call to set up an appointment or speak to one of our design experts. Let’s work together to get your hardwood floors looking their best.