Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a classic style touch for homes that are brand new or older. These floors are durable, beautiful and often sought after in the home buying process. However, to keep your floors looking great, you do need to protect your investment by refinishing your hardwood floors on a regular schedule.

Benefits of Refinishing

Hardwood floors, if well taken care of, can last for decades. They are relatively easy to clean and will always be in style. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can become damaged easily.

Refinishing your hardwood floors simply makes your floors look better. The process keeps even color tones throughout the floor and eliminates scratches or other imperfections that are caused by heavy foot traffic or water damage. But beyond aesthetics, refinishing your hardwood also adds value to your home and prevents the possibility of having to make a total floor overhaul or replacement at a later date.

When to Refinish

Refinishing your hardwood floors should be done every few years, throughout your home. However, refinishing might also be needed for other situations such as water damage. Refinishing is also recommended if you are changing the stain color of your flooring or are looking to touch up the finish of your floor.

How to Get Help        

While it might be tempting to attempt to refinish your hardwood floors on your own, this is one home task that you should call in the professionals for. The refinishing service that we provide is done by professionals who have years of experience working with – and protecting – hardwood flooring in homes and businesses. Our process is quick, complete, and safe. We understand that even the best DIYers can easily botch a refinishing job that can turn expensive quickly.

If you are ready to refinish your hardwood floors and breathe new life into your home this year, give us a call. We would love to show you how much refinishing can improve your classic floors.