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How to select, and keep, your carpet looking beautiful

Carpet will never go out of style and, with technological advances, it just keeps improving.

At Value Discount Flooring we know that a home is just more than walls and a roof, and our family has been serving in the in the Chicagoland area for over 50 years. We also know that when it comes to selecting carpet you want beauty but also need something that can stand up to sticky fingers, wet and dirty paws and running kids.

Our knowledge and large selection of carpet samples make us a major. Our showroom is in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and we service Richmond, Antioch, Twin Lakes Wisconsin, McHenry IL, and Burlington WI, and surrounding areas.

First, know that they’re not all the same

Every room has different needs and priorities so what may work for one may not work for another.

Of course, you want them to coordinate, but no one says you need to use the same carpet all throughout the house. Be sure to tell the pros at the Value Discount Flooring exactly how you plan to use it.
Ready to add a bit of softness and texture to your room? Carpeting is a flooring option that never goes out of style, giving rooms a cozy feel. At Value Discount Flooring, our family has been installing carpeting in our customer homes since before the green shag trends of the 1970s. Nowadays, carpets come in a variety of styles that are meant to suit different lifestyles, designs, and budgets.

Our Value Discount Flooring showroom features many types of carpeting styles for you to look at, touch, and even take home as you make your decision. From sophisticated patterned berbers to the luxurious fine saxonies, we have the carpet styles and prices to fit any room decor and budget. You will love your carpet choice, especially if you take the time to determine which style would be the best investment for your home or business. When considering which carpet might be best for your particular room or project, first evaluate what the room is for. If your room will experience higher traffic, such as an entryway or living room, your carpet should be durable and easy to clean. Rooms with less traffic, such as a bedroom, carpet can be feel more luxurious.

Once you choose your carpet, our installation team will work with you to assure that you are able to enjoy your new flooring as quickly as possible. Our installation professionals have been serving our customers for years, giving friendly and precise care to homes and businesses throughout the area. If you aren’t quite sure what carpet design and choice might be best for you, the team at Value Discount Flooring is ready to offer our experience. We would love to guide you to a carpeting choice that you will love for years to come.

More facts:

  • Density refers to how closely the fibers are tufted together.
  • Padding is very important. It protects the rug and sets the foundation. Without padding, you might end up with an installation full of rolls and wrinkles. Think of it as asphalt; you really can’t see it, but the road really needs it so smooth rides.
  • Understand the main fiber types. There are four, both all-natural and synthetic.

A wool rug is natural, and don’t be afraid of that all-white color, because it has natural oils that repel dirt.

Synthetics include: Nylon is known for superior strength. Polyester is a little less strong but it doesn’t fade and is highly resistant to stains. Olefin is the most economical but it only has good strength when it's in Berber; when creating that loop pattern, only the strongest part of the fiber is used. Otherwise, use it for low traffic rooms.

Also be aware that although those are the most basic, there are also blends, silks, and market newcomer Triexta which has the stain resistance built right into the fiber.