Foyer Organization Inspiration

Your front door greets guests into your home, setting the tone for their time in your house. No matter how beautiful your front door is, if your guests are stepping into a foyer full of disorganized chaos, your visit is not off to a great start. Your foyer space can...

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Inspiration For Your Child’s Bathroom

If your house design allows for it, having a bathroom designated for your children to use can be a great idea. However, it can be challenging to search for ways to decorate your child’s bathroom. You want the design to match the rest of your home, but to be a bit...

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Mudroom Flooring Inspiration

Busy families are including a mudroom in their home improvement project wish list. Not only can a mudroom be the perfect place for necessary clutter like extra shoes and backpacks, it is also a tucked away room that can get messy without guests ever knowing about it....

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The Case for Carpeting

Homeowners know that it doesn’t take too much to make a room, or a house, feel upgraded. A simple switch of the flooring in a space can make a big difference in the design, comfort, and purpose. However, some homeowners become overwhelmed when trying to choose the...

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Bathroom Flooring Trends You’ll Love

Is a bathroom remodel on your wish list for this year? Certainly, updating your bathroom can not only breathe new life into the space, it can also significantly increase your home’s value. However, among all the decisions to make along the way, how do you avoid...

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Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Are you planning your next home projects for 2018? If flooring for your house is on your list, consider hardwood. This durable flooring option can stand alone as the feature of a room or can support other design elements of the room. If hardwood flooring is on your...

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