Prepare Your Floors for the Holidays

Prepare Your Floors for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and your home is about to get a bit busier. Between guests arriving and baking and decorating, you aren’t the only thing in your home that will experience some hustle and bustle. Your flooring is about to take a holiday beating as well with all that extra traffic, a few extra spills, and decorations being dragged from room to room. Prepare your home now by taking care of your floors and making the upgrades you need before the holiday celebrations begin.

Refinish Your Hardwoods

Your hardwood floors are classic and timeless, but they also need a bit of maintenance from you in order to look their best. If your hardwoods haven’t been refinished in 5-7 years, now is the time to make it happen before they are damaged. You don’t have to wait for that timeframe to refinish your floors, especially if they are in a high traffic area or appear dull. 

While you are inspecting your hardwood floors, take time to see if you could benefit from a bit of repair or replacement in certain areas. Homeowners in older houses will typically notice damage to their hardwoods that will not be fixed by a simple refinish. If you aren’t sure if your floors need to be refinished or repaired, call the team at Value Discount Flooring to get the guidance you need to make your best decision.

Schedule Cleaning

Extra holiday traffic can mean your floors will get dirty more quickly than the rest of the year. Dirty floors can lead to scratches or other damage, so be sure to schedule in extra cleaning for the next few months. Increase the amount of vacuuming, mopping, or other floor cleanings that you do regularly so that your floors look their best all season long.

Replace Flooring

It may sound crazy to start a home improvement project during the holiday season, but now could be the perfect time for you to finally replace the flooring in your home or in a specific area of your house. You’ll be able to enjoy your new floors for the holidays and show them off to your guests as well.

Call the team at Value Discount Flooring to choose a flooring option that is best for your style, your home, and your budget. We are here to help you make the best decision.