Master Bedroom Flooring Inspiration

Master Bedroom Flooring Inspiration

Your master bedroom should be a place of peace and sanctuary, where you can unwind and get the sleep your busy life requires. Further, a master bedroom retreat can increase the resale value of your home, making it a less expensive project option to take on when getting your home ready for the real estate market.

No matter if you are wanting to update your master bedroom space for yourself or for potential new buyers, you don’t have to tear down walls to make major improvements. Instead, a master bedroom space can feel brand-new by choosing to make some updates. Flooring can be one project you can do relatively inexpensively, but that will make a major difference in the style of the room.

Carpeting is Cozy

When is the last time you updated the carpet in your master bedroom? We love carpet for its cozy feeling on bare feet, making it ideal for a master bedroom retreat. However, there’s nothing cozy or comfortable about carpeting that is too old or outdated. Consider investing in carpet that feels luxurious but is still easy to clean and maintain. Not sure what option could be best for you and your home? Our Value Discount Flooring design consultants are happy to help!

Hardwood is Classic

While hardwood flooring might feel like the total opposite of a cozy bedroom retreat, it remains a lovely option for many homeowners with traditional and classic style tastes. Hardwood can feel especially expensive, and you can add style intrigue with a rug under your bed that can be switched out for a quick update to the room.

Other Options Too

Hardwood and carpeting options are not all you have to choose from. Flooring choices for master bedrooms can include laminate and vinyl options as well that look as expensive and classic as hardwood, but that can also flow right into a functional floor for your master bathroom or closet. Laminate and vinyl flooring options have come a long way in the past ten years, and most of our Value Discount Flooring clients are pleasantly surprised at the variety of patterns, colors, and choices vinyl or laminate offer.

Ready to update your master bedroom? Start from the floor and work your way up. Call our team of design professionals to talk style and budget. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction!