When you make a major investment in your home, you want to be sure you are caring for it. Whether you have brand new floors or are curious about how to keep your current flooring looking its best, cleaning and caring for your floors is a crucial part of your maintenance plan. Your flooring maintenance tasks will vary by type, so here is a brief summary of what you need to know about caring for your specific flooring type.


Cozy and comfortable, carpeting is still one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Carpeting can show wear and tear easily if you are not diligent about caring for them appropriately. Be sure to vacuum your carpets at least every few weeks and take care of stains immediately; the sooner you are able to tackle a stain the easier it will be to completely remove. Call in a professional carpet cleaner, or rent your own steam cleaner to do it yourself, every year or so to keep the floor looking new.

Hardwood Floors

Timeless and sought after by buyers, hardwood floors are in many homes throughout Chicagoland. These floors are durable and reliable, but they need some TLC to stay looking beautiful for years to come. Use a microfiber cloth to keep floors free from dust and other debris that could cause scratching over time. Avoid mopping with lots of water and bring in professionals to refinish your hardwoods as needed.

Vinyl or Laminate Floors

Vinyl and laminate flooring has come a long way in the past decade, leaving this affordable option quite trendy with homeowners. Vacuum regularly or sweep using a microfiber cloth attachment. Don’t be afraid of using water and soap to mop away stubborn dirt as well, but don’t soak your floors with too much water that could seep into the cracks.

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