Your front door greets guests into your home, setting the tone for their time in your house. No matter how beautiful your front door is, if your guests are stepping into a foyer full of disorganized chaos, your visit is not off to a great start. Your foyer space can become cluttered quickly, as it is the first stop for shoes, coats, hats, and backpacks. However, with a few well-placed containers and a commitment to organization, you can tame the foyer clutter for once and for all. Here is a list of inspiration that could get you started on your quest for a clean foyer.

Shelving with Hooks
Mount a skinny shelf in your foyer area that pulls double duty with the addition of hooks below. Hang coats (one per person in the family – the rest of your “spare coats” can go in a closet down the hall) on the hooks and use the shelf as a space to keep keys, an umbrella, and a few photos.

Empty Bowls
Hit the thrift store to find a few small bowls that match your home’s design. Cluster the bowls in a designated spot in your entryway for use for items such as keys, a dog leash, or mail.

Cubbies or Closed Storage
If you have space for it, use cubbies for storing shoes or backpacks. You can assign one cubby per person in the family so everyone knows where their essentials go when they arrive at home. If open cubbies are not going to work for your situation, experiment with closed storage options like a chest that gets shoes out of sight.

A Place for Wet Boots
Whether for rain boots in the spring or winter boots caked with snow, a waterproof boot mat is a perfect place for boots to rest. These durable mats keep wetness far away from your flooring and are a must-have for the Illinois and Wisconsin home.

Copper Racks
We love the modern and funky take on shoe storage that copper racks offer. Not only do your shoes get up off the floor, the racks quickly become a conversation starter in the home.

No matter how you choose to organize your foyer, don’t forget to have a durable floor. Search for a high traffic flooring option that is water resistant and that adds to your home’s decor. Call the design consultants at Value Discount Flooring to hear about options to suit your style and your budget.