Choosing Flooring for Your Child’s Bedroom

Choosing Flooring for Your Child’s Bedroom

Is your child ready for a bedroom upgrade? Or, perhaps you are fluffing your nest for a newborn addition and are searching for nursery decoration ideas? In any case, if you are considering a child bedroom design, you must start from the floor and work your way up.

At Value Discount Flooring, our design specialists work with clients to find the perfect floor design element for their project. When working with parents and kids who are getting a bedroom improvement, here are a few things our designers recommend considering to assure you are getting the best floor to build your design upon.

Is hardwood your style?
Nothing says classic and timeless like hardwood flooring. While it may not come to mind for a child’s bedroom, hardwood can be a great option for a variety of reasons. It is durable, and it will stand the test of time. You can add a rug to insert a pop of color, and know that when your toddler becomes a teenager, you can quickly update the décor with a new rug. Once your teenager grows up and moves out, you can transform the bedroom into your new office, confident that the hardwood will still be in style.

Remember, kids are messy.
Kids of all ages are bound to make a mess in their bedrooms. Be sure that you are choosing flooring that hides stains and that can be easily cleaned. Carpeting is a wonderful option, and choosing a pattern that will hide those scuff marks from a child who insists on wearing his baseball spikes in the house is a wise decision.

Comfort is crucial.
When choosing flooring, most of our clients tend to look for specific design elements, like color or pattern. While these are certainly important considerations, don’t forget about general comfort. Your child will spend a lot of time in their bedroom, lounging on the floor. For younger kids, parents spend a lot of time playing on the floor as well. Be sure that your flooring choice is comfortable and feels cozy.

Still not sure what flooring options may be the best for your situation? Our designers would love to talk to you about what you are looking for. Give us a call to talk about your options, and about your budget.