Choosing Flooring for Your Business Office

Are you leaving 2017 feeling like your business space could use a bit of an update? New flooring is a lovely way to enhance any space, commercial or residential. If your office is ready for some love, new floors could be the perfect way to make your space looking its best.

The team at Value Discount Flooring has been serving businesses of all sizes throughout the Illinois and Wisconsin areas for decades. We would love to partner with you and guide you through the process of choosing floors that will suit your business best.

Find floors that are durable.
Your business floors need to be durable enough to meet the traffic and use of your space. If your space receives a large number of visitors each day – think a factory floor or busy retail area – you want a floor that can withstand that high traffic. Alternatively, if your space is only used by a few staff – perhaps your office – you can opt for a flooring that is a bit less durable.

Find flooring that is easy to clean.
There is nothing more frustrating to your custodial staff that flooring that is not easy to clean. Choose a floor material that can be cleaned up quickly, especially if it is in a high traffic area like a staff bathroom.

Find floors that complement your office style.
Is your office decorated in a modern style or in a more classic way? At Value Discount Flooring, we have a variety of options available that will complement your current design theme, not compete with it. A good floor design should be one that grounds the rest of the décor throughout the business.

Find floors that can be installed without inconvenience.
Installing new floors in your business can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience installing floors in all sizes of commercial spaces without interfering in the day to day experience of your staff or your clients. Give us a call to talk about how our installation is quick and hassle free.

Are you ready to add new floors to your business space? We are ready to help you out from the design all the way to installation. Give us a call today to get the process started. You will love how easy it is and how great your new floors look!