Double Duty: Beautiful Window Treatments That Improve Energy Efficiency

Your home’s window treatments are another way for you to express your personal style. Whether you choose dramatic and sweeping drapes or the clean lines of blinds, your home’s windows can become part of the room’s décor by dressing up a little. However, did you know that your home’s window treatments can pull double duty by adding to the energy efficiency of your home?

It’s true! Carefully choosing the correct window treatments that match your style and keep your home’s heating and cooling bills at a minimum is possible when you work with the team at Value Discount Flooring.


If you are looking for fabrics to add a bit of pattern or eye appeal to your room, drapes may be the best decision for you. Our drapes come in a variety of colors and designs, matching any style and design preference. Beyond beautiful design, your drapes can also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home by keeping the temperature from fluctuating too much in your rooms.

If your home, for example, has windows that are chilly in the winter, your drapes can keep chilly air from reaching your interior. Similarly, drapes can keep your cool air inside during the summer, preventing the escape of your precious air conditioning to the outside elements. In the summer specifically, research has shown that medium colored fabrics with white backing can decrease heat gains by as much as 33%!


Blinds are especially effective in keeping your energy costs low at home. Choose to close your blinds in the summer when direct sunlight streams in and heats up the home. During the winter, opening the blinds during this direct sunlight time can help to heat your home and take some responsibility off your hard working heater.

Next Steps

If you are searching for window treatments for your home, consider letting us offer our recommendations for any energy benefits. Our team loves working with clients during the design process and our years of experience suits us well to guide you in the right direction.

Your window treatments can be more than just a pretty accent to your room. Set up a consultation with us to find out more!