Springtime Floor Care

April showers might bring May flowers, but spring rains can also bring lots of muddy feet into your home. If you have ever become discouraged after a muddy puppy runs across your clean floor or if a track of muddy footprints from your preschooler leads from the porch right into the living room, you are not alone. Our Illinois climate leaves yards a mushy mess in the spring months, which can leave homeowners scrambling to wipe up floors more often.


Taking care of your floors changes from season to season. In the spring, you may want to consider a few of our tips for caring for your home’s floors to prevent any long term damage or stains that April showers could bring.


Bring out more rugs

Your best flooring defense against mud and dampness is to use rugs. Be sure you have a front door rug on your porch as well as rugs inside all of your home’s entrances. Consider purchasing and using a boot tray for wet boots to drip dry on so that you aren’t dealing with puddles in your foyer.


Check your drains and sump pump

Nothing can ruin flooring quicker than significant water damage from flooding. Before the rains start falling, be sure that you have checked your floor drains and that your sump pump is working. Your basement is at risk for flooding without these spring maintenance checks.


Manage tracks quickly

If you can’t catch your dog or child before they race through your home with mud on their feet, take care of the tracks as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of stain. For hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, wipe up the dirt with a damp, soft towel. For carpeting, dab the dirt first with a towel before following up with a cleaner if needed.


Take a deep breath
Finally, remember to take a deep breath when you begin to feel stressed out about the condition of your floors. Spring can be a season when homeowners wonder if they will ever have clean floors again, but resist the urge to feel overwhelmed. This season will pass eventually and with the right floor care, your floors will continue looking great.