Window Treatments

Redecorating your home to give it a new style or purpose does not always need to involve major construction work. In fact, updating your home can be as simple as investing in small touches that make a big difference. Window treatments are the perfect way to make a bold statement, add privacy and function, and set the tone for a new style for your room or entire home.

At Value Discount Flooring, we are well versed in assisting our clients to choose the perfect window treatments that will add beauty and inspiration to their home. Whether you are new to the idea of window treatments or come into our showroom with Pinterest worthy ideas, we are ready to help make your home feel fully dressed by adding window treatments.

While many people think window treatments are solely curtains, our team knows the multiple choices that clients can choose from to fit the form and function of each room in the home. Beyond fabric drapes that suit the mood and style, blinds offer the opportunity for well light homes that still provide privacy.

At Value Discount Flooring, we offer blinds for every style and purpose. Our team will help you determine which alternative best fits your space and budget – honeycomb, venetian, pleated, wood, shades, or a combination. Best yet, don’t let your window treatments only live on the inside of your home. Our window treatment options include alternatives that work well for giving your entertainment space a bit of beauty while leaving guests feeling inspired.

Investing in window treatments can be just the alteration your home needs to update the style and keep you feeling inspired. Such a change can lighten up your space as well as bring it into more modern design. What are you waiting for? Our team is ready to give your home just the change your desire; you will wonder why you didn’t dress up your windows sooner.


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