Three carpet flooring options for high-traffic homes

Three carpet flooring options for high-traffic homes

You'll see all kinds of beautiful styles, designs, and colors when you're in our carpet store. Durability, however, will be a top priority. It becomes an even higher priority if you have a large, active family with kids, pets, and a lot of foot traffic.

Here are some of our top choices.

Looped pile rugs

These include styles like Berber and level loop. These rugs have short, tightly woven fibers.

Both are durable and terrific for high-traffic areas. They are also a little more stain-resistant because the tight loops keep spills from absorbing.

Berber is also known for color dots on a neutral background. This carpeting hides dirt and stains well because of the color variation.

Level loop piles also won't show footprints or vacuum marks, making it an excellent option for more high-traffic areas.

Any rugs with a low pile

Cut piles come with various pile heights. Low-pile rugs are considered the most durable and easy to keep clean.

That makes them ideal for high-traffic areas. In addition, they are soft, fashionable, and often seen in busy offices.

If you require extra durability, pair this rug with a super-strong fiber like nylon. The floor covering will then have even more strength and stain resistance.

Nylon rugs

Nylon carpet is known for superior strength and resiliency. The latter is the ability to bounce back into shape after compression.

It stands up to the heaviest foot traffic and daily wear and tear. It also has excellent stain resistance, especially when a protectant is used.

Customer service is a top priority for this flooring source

At Value Discount Flooring, we're not happy until you are. And we know you'll be thrilled with your new carpet flooring installation from us!

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