Preventing Floor Damage

Preventing Floor Damage

When you invest in your home, you want it to last as long as possible. Purchasing new floors is no exception. However, how can you protect your floors when they receive so much traffic in your home? Here are a few ways you can prevent damage to your home’s floors.

Choose the Right Floors

First and foremost, if you are choosing new floors for your home, be sure you are picking flooring options that suit the needs of the room. It is nearly impossible to prevent damage if you choose a more delicate flooring option for your highest traffic room, or if you choose water-sensitive floors for your kitchen. Be sure you are picking the best floors for the traffic and purpose of the room.

Try Furniture Pads

Picking up furniture pads for the legs of your tables, couches, and chairs can make a huge difference when it comes to floor scratches. Grab some the next time you are in the store. You will notice the positive impact right away.

Invest in a Rug

You just bought new floors, so why cover them up with a rug? While it may seem counterintuitive, a well-placed area rug not only provides design interest but also provides floor protection in higher traffic areas. Try a rug down your hall, in your living room, or in your dining room.

Keep Up with Maintenance and Cleaning

Your floors will look their best if you keep up with recommended maintenance and cleaning. Take care of spills immediately to reduce the appearance of stains, and schedule your hardwood floor refinishing appointment as needed. Your floors will look beautiful if you commit to taking care of them well.

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