Busy families are including a mudroom in their home improvement project wish list. Not only can a mudroom be the perfect place for necessary clutter like extra shoes and backpacks, it is also a tucked away room that can get messy without guests ever knowing about it. If a mudroom is on your to-do list, here are some things to think about adding.

Shelving Solutions
Mudrooms offer storage space and you can utilize yours with the right shelving. Try cubby holes stacked from floor to ceiling for shoes, as well as plenty of hooks to hang coats or backpacks. If open storage solutions aren’t your preference, add doors or lockers for a modern yet fun look.

Places to Sit
If you plan for your mudroom to be the place where the family grabs necessities before starting the day as well as the first place everyone goes when they return home, add at least one bench. Having a place to sit and take off shoes or untie winter boots is a luxury your family is sure to enjoy.

Consider the Washer or Dryer
If there is space in your mudroom, consider adding your washer and dryer to the space. You will have easy access to throw in muddy soccer socks right in the washer when you come home from the game.

Use the Best Flooring
Your mudroom floor is going to take a beating. While you have many decisions to make regarding the layout of your room, don’t skimp on choosing the best floors for the space. Your mudroom will be a high traffic area that is bound to get wet, muddy, and even snowy. Assure your flooring choices reflect that.

Steer clear from carpeting, and tile is far too delicate to handle the traffic for the room. Hardwood floors will also not handle the water well. Instead, consider vinyl flooring options or linoleum. You have multiple options for each, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality.

Ready to start your mudroom project? Call the design consultants at Value Discount Flooring. We can guide you through the process and even make suggestions for the best flooring for you that won’t break your renovation budget.