Inspiration For Your Child’s Bathroom

Inspiration For Your Child’s Bathroom

If your house design allows for it, having a bathroom designated for your children to use can be a great idea. However, it can be challenging to search for ways to decorate your child’s bathroom. You want the design to match the rest of your home, but to be a bit whimsical too. Here are a few inspirational ideas to get you started as you plan your next home improvement project.

Add Some Color
We love seeing bathrooms for kids that are full of color. When designing a colorful bathroom, remember that your colors do not have to be bright and bold. Instead, a bathroom featuring shades of blue or green can be just as fun as a bathroom featuring a rainbow of colors.

Choose a Theme
Bathrooms are a great place to try out a theme. Try a superhero bathroom, complete with vintage tin signs depicting comic book covers. Or, add some femininity with a ballerina themed bathroom, complete with a pink accent wall.

Get Creative with Storage
You want to give your kids designated spaces to put their towels and toiletries. Experiment with different storage options that suit the room’s dimensions. Try wire racks under the sink for stacks of clean towels or mini storage lockers for each child’s robe or jammies.

Stay Classic
You don’t have to use fish wallpaper or rainbow colors to decorate your child’s bathroom space. In fact, choosing a more classic design will keep the bathroom appropriate for your child as he grows and as his tastes change. If you opt for more classic designs, try adding pops of childhood fun with accent items like a shower curtain or rug.

No matter what type of bathroom decor you choose for your child’s space, be sure to give it a good foundation by using the right flooring. At Value Discount Flooring, our design consultants are ready to hear about your room and your needs before giving you options that could work best. We are proud to offer a variety of flooring options at discounted prices, which means you get great floors for a price that won’t break your budget. Give us a call today to get started.