Looking ahead to your next DIY home improvement project? Many home and business owners capture the energy of the spring season and start dreaming about the next project to tackle before the end of summer. If a new floor is a part of your planning, take a look at some of these trends that could inspire you for your upcoming project.

Hardwoods Are Timeless

There’s something about hardwood floors that stand the test of time. If you have hardwood floors in your home, or if you discover hardwood floors after you pull up carpeting, consider keeping them. This flooring is durable and sustainable; even the most damaged hardwood floors can often be brought back to life with expert refinishing. Even better, hardwood floors are ideal for nearly any room in the house, save the bathrooms and kitchen (too much water exposure there).

Tile Is Terrific

Tile flooring is making a major comeback, even though it never quite went away. However, thanks to new patterns, colors, and sizes readily available now, tile floors can become the highlight of a room’s style or design. Tile floors are also versatile and durable, meaning they can take the high traffic of a foyer or mudroom as well as the water exposure of a bathroom.

Laminates and Vinyls Are Better Than Expected

Not too long ago, laminate or vinyl flooring options were considered cheap alternatives to other materials. However, these flooring types have made major strides in design without compromising the cost. For the consumer, this means you get the benefit of beautiful design without the extra cost.

What flooring are you considering for your next project? Our team of design specialists at Value Discount Flooring are ready to talk you through your options. We are ready to help you find the best floors for your design preferences and for your budget. Let’s get started soon!