Color Inspiration for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Color Inspiration for Your Next Home Improvement Project

You can breathe new life, and some new style, into a room of your home by adding some color. No matter if you prefer bold and vibrant hues, or tend to stick with neutrals, color makes a difference in the statement you are trying to make. If you are ready to take the step with a new color, here are a few ways to incorporate a splash into your space.

Colorful Furniture

If you have neutral walls but are seeking to add some personality to your room, consider choosing colorful furniture. How about a vibrant blue chair in your living room or a yellow ottoman to make your bedroom happier? A little color can go a long way, though you can also choose a colorful couch for a larger impact. Too nervous to commit to a couch, chair or ottoman? Try out some color with a few new throw pillows (pink throw pillows on a gray couch is very trendy right now!).

Colorful Walls

In contrast, neutral furniture can make way for more colorful walls. Choose one wall to hold the bright color and anchor the room, or even consider painting a colorful ceiling. While dark colors can sometimes make a room feel smaller, decorated correctly, small can turn to cozy.

Colorful Cabinets or Built-Ins

You can add a burst of color in your kitchen or living room by choosing to paint cabinets, shelving, or other built-in features.

Colorful Floors

Color doesn’t need to stay on the walls, cabinets, or furniture. You can also choose to add color by investing in carpet, vinyl, or tiled flooring. At Value Discount Flooring, we love seeing colorful floors in our client homes! Whether you are searching for classic or bold color options, we have a bit of everything here to choose from. If you aren’t quite sure what color you are looking for, our design consultants can work with you to find the perfect addition to your space.

Are you ready to choose a floor for your room or next project? Work with us to assure you are getting quality materials for a price that won’t exceed your budget. Give us a call to get started today!