Choosing a Patterned Flooring Design

Choosing a Patterned Flooring Design

Are you looking for a way to bring drama or intrigue into your next project’s design? You don’t have to create a unique and trendy look by adding an accent wall or a pricey furniture piece. Instead, consider making the room’s floor the highlight of the room.

Patterned floors can create the foundation of a beautiful room, and one that is sure to get your guests talking. A designer’s dream, a patterned floor also allows you to build with neutrals throughout the rest of the room. Ready to take the patterned floor plunge? Here are a few things to consider as you get started.

The Size of the Room
Choosing a patterned flooring design starts with assessing the room size. Typically, a detailed flooring design, like intricate tile work, suits a smaller room better than a large one. However, you can find designs to match any size room when you work with the experienced team at Value Discount Flooring.

The Function of the Room
As with all flooring projects, be sure you choose a floor that will work with the function of the room. Consider exposure to water (like a bathroom or kitchen), as well as how much daily traffic the room may see. Use these assessments to determine the type of flooring that could hold up and last in that environment.

The Color Palette
Patterned floors can be brightly colored or feature more neutral colors – both options are lovely and can make a big statement. If you are hoping to reuse furniture or window treatments you already have, consider choosing a palette that will complement those colors.

Enlist Professional Help
Patterned floors are in style now, and they don’t look like they will be going out of style too soon. In fact, patterns on the floor have been a featured design for many years! Fortunately, you now have many options that don’t include spending your entire weekend carefully placing tiny tiles in an intricate pattern. Give the design team at Value Discount Flooring a call today – we can show you affordable options that include vinyl, tile, and laminate with patterns already in the details. We would love the chance to show you your next favorite floor – give us a call to get started!