Bathroom Flooring Trends You’ll Love

Bathroom Flooring Trends You’ll Love

Is a bathroom remodel on your wish list for this year? Certainly, updating your bathroom can not only breathe new life into the space, it can also significantly increase your home’s value. However, among all the decisions to make along the way, how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed? Using trends or inspiration can keep your project on track, as well as making the finished project look cohesive and beautiful.

Flooring is a big part of a bathroom remodel, and your choice can make a big difference in both appearance and function. Here are just a few trends that could inspire you as you search for the best flooring option for your new bathroom.

Sticking to Naturals
A trend in bathrooms that has stayed consistent over the past five years is using stone. Granite, marble, or even limestone are used throughout modern bathroom décor, and have the ability to flow right into the shower stall area. If you aren’t sold on the price of stone, but like the look, you can find tile that mimics the appearance perfectly.

White on White on White
All white bathrooms are another trend that appears to be sticking around. While this may not be the best option for a kids bathroom (hello, messy kiddos!), using all white can be a beautiful statement for a master bathroom. Porcelain or ceramic flooring options can give a lovely white floor to build your room on.

Geometric Shapes
Speaking of tiles, homeowners are loving the use of geometric shapes and designs in bathroom floor patterns. Use small tiles to create the look, or choose larger flooring pieces with the pattern built in.

Vinyl’s Still In Style
Fortunately, vinyl flooring in the bathroom is still trendy and affordable. Even better, vinyl flooring comes in beautiful options that will leave you wondering how you haven’t discovered this before. You can splurge on a few extra goodies throughout the rest of the bathroom with the money you save on your lovely vinyl floors.

Are you ready to choose your flooring, or are you still overwhelmed with your options? Give the design consultants at Value Discount Flooring a call today. Not only can we guide you through your options, we can help you find a floor that you will love and that won’t break your budget.