Floor Maintenance for the Holiday Season

Are you hosting friends or family in your home sometime this holiday season? Whether you are expecting a house full or a smaller gathering, you still want your home to look its best before – and after – the event. We know that even the toughest flooring can take a beating during a high traffic time such as the holidays. Here are just a few ways that you can keep your floors looking great from before the doorbell rings to well after the final dishes are put away.

Consider rugs
A lovely floor rug or runner can be a stylish accent to your holiday décor, but adding these elements can have an ulterior motive – protection. Rugs are one of the best ways you can protect your floors from the shoes and spills that inevitably occur during a busy holiday party. Consider rolling out rugs in specific areas of your home where your flooring may be especially fragile (such as old hardwoods that you haven’t gotten around to refinishing) or where flooring may take a beating (your dining room, for example). You can store your rug after your guests have gone home and return to it next year.

Remind guests
Do you have a no-shoe policy at your home? During the busy holiday season, it can be easy to become a bit lax with your floor protection house rules. This can end up causing you to be frustrated and your floors to be dirty or damaged. Remind guests to take their shoes off when entering your home with a pretty sign or with a basket for their shoes at the front door.

Clean quickly
Spills and dirt can quickly scratch or damage your flooring. Have quick clean up supplies readily available so that you can easily sweep or mop during the party without digging through your cleaning supply cabinet.

Consider replacement
Even the best floor protection strategies will not work if your flooring is simply too old. There is still plenty of time to have new flooring installed in your home before the holidays! Give us a call to talk more about your design needs.