Quick Cleaning Tips for High Traffic Flooring

The high traffic areas of your home or business take a beating. Between foot traffic and environmental factors like rain or salt from snow removal, the floors in your high traffic areas are usually a mess. With just a few tips and tricks, you can keep your high traffic areas looking great without a lot of extra work. Here are a few of our favorites.

Use rugs to your advantage

High traffic floors are more likely to get scratched or damaged just because of the sheer amount of shoes that cross their path. Keep your floors safe and clean by using rugs to your advantage. A lovely rug placed in your foyer, near your back door, or in another high traffic area of your home or business can not only be visually appealing, but can also make clean up much easier.

Choose a rug that is skid proof and that is thin enough that your door can still swing open and closed. Make sure the rug is easy to toss in the washing machine as well, as a clean rug can be much more forgiving than a dirty floor.

Have designated space for shoes and supplies

Be sure that your family and visitors know where to put their shoes when they enter your home. Give shoes a bin near the door so that dirty shoes don’t leave your high traffic area and continue through the rest of your home.

Keep spot cleaning supplies handy

Your high traffic areas are going to get dirtier more quickly than the rest of your home or business. Keep spot cleaning supplies, such as a quick stain remover spray or a small vacuum cleaner, handy for quick clean ups. The more you focus on cleaning up your high traffic areas when the damage happens, the longer your flooring will last.

Choose the right flooring materials

Finally, be sure your high traffic areas have the flooring that can handle the frequent abuse. If you aren’t sure what types of flooring might work for you, the team at Value Discount Flooring would love to talk to you about it. Our designers are happy to meet with you to show you the multiple options available that can handle your home’s high traffic areas without busting your budget. Give us a call to get started!