Storm Damage and Your Floors

The severe rain, flooding, and storm damage to the northern Illinois area throughout the month of July left many homeowners hoping that the rain would indeed go away. If you are in the middle of assessing the losses to your home, whether from flooding or from severe storms, you may find that your flooring took the brunt of the damage.

When dealing with repairing or replacing your water damaged flooring, our design and installation team members have found that a few tips can help you keep your composure, and give you long lasting results. While you grapple with the staff from your insurance company and clean up, here are a few of our favorite tips to keep in mind.

Determine repeat possibilities
It is wise for you to determine if there is a high likelihood that a similar floor damage situation could happen again in the near future before selecting your replacement flooring. If you are searching for flooring options for a water logged room in your home, such as a basement, consider finding a floor that can withstand the possibility of flooding. Thanks to some great designs and materials, you can easily find flooring that you love, and that matches your style, that is water resistant and can be cleaned up in a snap.

Determine repair options
If the damage to your flooring was minimal, wait a moment before you replace the entire floor. Smaller damaged areas can often be replaced, especially when working with hardwood or similar options.

Get a consultation
If you are completely overwhelmed and unsure what your next steps should be, consider a consultation with our design staff. Your flooring replacement could be the foundation for that home improvement project you have been waiting to start, or it could be the beginning of better choices that won’t leave you with a ShopVac and soggy carpeting.

Let our team work with you to make your decisions a bit easier. After all, you have enough on your plate right now and don’t need the extra stress. Give us a call to set up your consultation and find flooring that you love!