Vinyl Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

If you are in the middle of a kitchen overhaul, or if you are just in the brainstorming process of your next kitchen update project, you may be struggling with your flooring choice. After all, the flooring of any room truly sets the foundation of the style and function of the space. Your kitchen floors not only require durability, but should also be the basis of your style and décor.

Fortunately, vinyl flooring is a wonderful option for your kitchen plans. It’s durable, water resistant, and functional for a space as used as the kitchen. Even better, vinyl flooring has come a long way in regards to style. You may be surprised to see the options that you now have in this functional flooring, and even more surprised to see how it won’t break your budget.

Bold Patterns

If you are going with a neutral color scheme and more modern lines for your cabinetry, you may be interested in making a statement with your flooring. Vinyl can be the perfect floor that makes a bold statement, and becomes the true star of the room.

Sleek Slate

Vinyl flooring is a wonderful mimic, with many options that look like more expensive materials. If you are looking for a modern floor that sets the stage for a clean look kitchen, consider vinyl that looks like slate. The gray toned color allows this slate look to work well with any wall, counter, or cabinet color.

Classic Wood

Speaking of mimicking materials, many vinyl flooring options can make your floor look like traditional hard wood flooring. Whether you choose a more modern washed look or a more traditional cherry wood look, your vinyl floor will add to your classic kitchen ambience.

If you aren’t quite sure what vinyl flooring option would be the best for you and your home, our designers would love the chance to talk to you more. We have years of experience assisting clients as they choose the flooring they will love for years to come.