When to Replace Your Carpeting

Your home is a cozy place for your family to relax and a space that shows off your personal style. When it comes to routine maintenance, homeowners often skip the investment and time for the chore. Unfortunately, this lack of regular upkeep and maintenance can quickly make the home look old and tired, less cozy and even less welcoming.


Flooring maintenance is money very well spent and can make a huge difference in the appearance and cleanliness of your home. When it comes to carpeting, maintenance can often include knowing when to invest in replacing the carpet for the room or home. How do you know it is time to replace your carpeting? Here are a few tell-tale signs that you should be starting the replacement process soon.


Stains and Discoloration

Stains and discolored sections of your carpeting are often par for the course, even for the most meticulous housekeeping routine. While most quality carpeting has a stain resistant feature, you may begin noticing stains and discoloration around the time it is nearing replacement. Stains and discoloration are a sign that you should begin your search for new carpeting.


If your carpeting is making your home smell a bit funky, musty, or unpleasant, it is a good time to begin searching for new carpet. While there are some cleaning tricks to remove unpleasant smell from carpeting, replacing the offending area is often the best way to relieve the problem.


Wear and Tear
Carpet can easily show its age and use, as edges fray and well traveled sections become flattened. These are excellent signs that it is time to upgrade.


Outdated Style
Even if your carpeting is clean and well maintained, it doesn’t mean that you love it. If your current carpet no longer suits your home’s style or your family’s lifestyle, it is time to invest in carpeting that you love.


When you are ready to give your home the carpeting upgrade and replacement that you deserve, we would be honored to assist you in the process! Give us a call today for expert guidance and installation.